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A Business needs marketing! and a website needs traffic Yeah, you are right – social media is the key!

Today it’s a digital world, we all are a part of it… Today we all use social media to keep in touch with all, and the most trending follows are of business fan pages of our preferred stores. So let’s find out what will interest your audiences on social media platforms…

1. Choose the right social platform for your business
Social media is the trending platform today! But which one would be the best for your business? Know to have a better impact. It’s decisive to know which social media channel would work best for your business. For eg: websites like have Facebook page and Twitter’s account, account on Instagram and Snapchat as well because they found them best for their business. Instagram is a bucket for images and when it’s a store for fashion accessories, what’s better than being on Instagram… So let’s find out which social media channel is best for your business…

2. Optimize your content on each network
Every social media channel has it’s own benefits and own features that can help you promote your business so it’s necessary that you build a content that is best suited to that particular social channel. For eg: On Twitter, hashtags have a lot of impact and Facebook gives more importance to content like keeping a track on the trending topics on Facebook “related to your business”… It’s important to create contents that are much suitable to that particular channel and use of popular hashtags to drive more traffic to your fan page for eg: #fashion #Ecommerce #onlinestore #onlineshopping. This would help you build more viewers on a channel towards the post. So keep it impactful…

3. Develop a content that interests
“Textual content are not my thing” – customers thought, if your customer finds a textual content not so interesting so what could be the solution?? Yes! Upload a video, or an infographic… This would increase your customer’s interest in your content… find a content that would interest and you’re set to rock!

4. Develop a sharing schedule
Sharing a post when your audiences are online is the done thing. Let me tell you why! Your post might have minimum reach when you post at odd hours, which would not reach your target audience effectively and posting them during even hours (when your audiences are online) would give you the reach you expected… What could be better than posting at right times and scheduling them to avoid missing out on a prospective customers.

5. A content shared more than once might go viral
A new way to reach your customers in a better manner. It’s possible that one content shared more than once can go viral. Maybe the content you shared yesterday went unnoticed and the same content had that effective reach the second time you shared it with your customers. So now It’s time to give it a try!

These were some key things you can keep in action that could drive traffic to your website using these social media channels effectively. It’s time for you to try these techniques and if they work – don’t forget to like us on Facebook and also wait for the next article to inspire you…