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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I add my domain to the store?

    Yes you can, in two ways:

    1. Enter the domain name in the field "I already have a domain and want to use it in the store" when placing an order.
    2. Single-handedly assign the domain in the store admin panel.
  • Does the store has in-built graphic layouts?

    The store has several design templates for you to choose. We also offer custom based graphic design services.

  • Do I have to pay the subscription yearly?

    Yes, the subscription is the total yearly cost for using our e-commerce software which is SaaS based.

  • Can I integrate the store with my own selling software?

    Yes, you can integrate the shop with any software that is able to take advantage of the API software available in Zencommerce.

  • Where can I download a trial version of the store?

    We do not share a demo version for downloading. The Shop can be tested for free for 14 days. Just click on the "Open Shop" button and in the third step, select "I want to try the shop for free".

  • Can I import bulk of products to the store?

    Yes, import of products is possible, thanks to data exchange center and csv file (Ms Excel), through integrations with API interface.

  • Does the store has the provision of different languages?

    Yes, thanks to the possibility of single-handed edition of phrases in the admin panel you can launch your store in any language.

  • Is any additional charges applicable or any type of extra cost?

    No, the only cost that you incur in terms of using Zencommerce is a yearly subscription based on the package that you have opted (e.g. Gold, Platinum or Diamond).