Take care of the strong position in search engines

Our ecommerce software has been developed with Google's recommendations, you can be sure that your business will have a structure optimized for the major search engines.

User friendly and perfect for beginners. So you can go online with the marketing tools we offer you.

Promote your store

Will you help me to promote my website?
Defintely, we will get traffic on your store.

Zencommerce campaings

Want to grow your Online business? We have complete solution ready for you. To know more, get in touch with us.

Social media

There is no strong brand,
without a good position in social media.

Social media on Zencommerce

Thats why Zencommerce still trying to promote e-businesses on the Facebook (Dynamic Ads ) and other social media channels.

Sales & Coupons

Encourage customers to buy frequantly by offering them discount coupons.

Sales & Coupons on Zencommerce

System of discount coupons is a good way for giving special offers to your customers. Our software has functionality of generating these discount coupons which can further be assigned to an individual or a group of customers.

Loyalty club

A satisfied customer is a well served customer. Hence treat each of your customer in a very special way.

Zencommerce loyalty club

Bet on creativity and build positive relationships with your customers, and fight for their loyalty. Well-run loyalty program will bring you huge benefits.

Google Analytics

Work in your store like a pro -
use Google analytics tool.

Google Analytics Reports - how use?

Have you ever wondered how many people visit your store? What kind of offer they are looking for? Gain this knowledge and important feedback with GA integration.

SEO Module

Prove your credits and credibility so that possibilities are created for your potential customers to make purchases on your online store.

Rich snippets as standard on Zencommerce

You do not have to worry about technical aspects of cooperation with the most popular search engines. We provide you with support for rich snippets and canonical URLs.

Report sales

A full insight into the heart of e-business
- check on-line what and who buys in your store.

Sales reports on Zencommerce

Zencommerce offers an intact reporting system which allows the store owner to measure, analyse and work upon the performance of its e-business.


Provide customers with the most
compelling content and start blogging!

Blog on Zencommerce platform

Zencommerce is already integrated with proper blog systems so it is easy to create and post blogs. You do not have to worry or look for any third party blogging websites to position yourself with your business idea.

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