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Adobe Commerce (Magento) or Zencommerce

Does Magento is for free?

  • is for free?
  • provide quick start?
  • is really easy to use?
  • is in polish?
  • have all necessary functions?
  • provide technical support?

“Free” is only the frame of the Magento software.

If you want to launch your online store you also have to buy hosting and prepare graphics for your shop. What is more, integration with online payments, shipping companies, Allegro platform and software upgrades are neither for free nor cheap.

Launching the online store with Magento software is time-consuming. At the beginning you need to take care of the hosting and deal with the instalation by yourself (and this takes time and requires advanced programming knowledge). Customizing the store to your needs is associated with searching for additional modules on the Internet and with their implementation.

At the first glance it may seem that the administration panel of Magento online store is easy and intuitive, however problems may appear when you need to install plugins or edit the website code.

English is a default software’s language. If you would like to have Polish version of Magento, you have to download and install file with translation on your own. Despite that, many of additional plugins will still be available only in English.

By downloading the free Magento software, you get only the frame of the online store. You can add integrations and other functionalities by installing additional modules which are often paid and require configuration.

Unfortunately, technical support in Magento is not free nor in Hindi. You are left only with online forums and the help of anonymous specialists.

Specially for you we have compared capabilities of the Zencommerce online store and Magento software, so you can choose the best solution available on the market.

What offers Zencommerce and what Magento?ZencommerceMagento
Technical support+
Easy installation and fast service+
Functionality and access to integrations+

Because of that:

  • The best e-commerce software. Select Zencommerce software and do not bear the expense of integration with online payments, courier companies, auction portals or comparison shopping websites.
  • Grow your business with usWe give at your disposal all the material from the Zencommerce Academy to use in practice. What is more, there is the Suggestion Forum. We look forward to your proposals for changes to the software.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors, Zencommerce is a tool that makes selling online easy and really fast. With our e-commerce platform you can only concentrate on your orders.
  • Customize the look of your online store by yourself. Personalization of the website does not require the involvement of additional people.
  • Benefit from the graphic templates directory. Select the graphic that best reflects the nature of your store (or if you want to give it an original look, order the graphic design tailored to your individual needs).
  • Feel secure in your own shopBenefit from the free advice by mail or by phone – we are at your service 7 days a week. Moreover, at any time you can use our online Help Center.

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