Instant online store

Online store is the next advancement for your business. Go ahead and give it a try!

1. World Online
Everything today is digitalized. In recent years, the entire world has shifted to a virtual world. Everyone is looking to avail services online. The easier it is to reach someone online, the more are your chances to flourish. When you are selling your services online you are promising to keep everything simple and realistic. For an instance, one of our clients sells surprises online, can you imagine that? literally has converted surprising your loved one a great business using the online world. For more information, check out yourself.

2. Audience Reachability
Whenever you sell anything online, you are not limited to a target audience. There are numerous people to whom your services are visible and they can avail them once liked. There are people from remote locations trying to reach out and find out new, unique things in the market; they may fall in your online store and who knows they may get what they wished for. One such example of reachability is proven by which gives you freedom to choose a suitable priest/pandit for any kind if religious rituals to be performed at your home. In this high-tech mobile savvy life, anyone could reach to an online pandit seeking astrology.

3. Credibility
Once you start selling services online – be it a physical product or any online freeware; you develop a relation with your customer. And once you are liked on that basis you will be a credible source of purchase. You can put up your own “More Info” tab which tells everyone about your journey, about the customer testimonials. You can get yourself surveyed by them and improve your ratings. This will show other customers that they can trust you with their work. Safe payment gateways for shopping websites such as helps you build a rapport and lets your customers believe in you.

4. Defeating Comparisons
Market has spread in a humongous manner. If you want to be the best you will have to find the best and beat it by offering better services. The best has already established its services online so when are you going to opt that. A huge portal selling gadgets, mobile phones, chargers, headsets, batteries is, who has taken competition to a next level merging in and help selling so many brands together. This is a great example of defeating comparisons.

5. Flexible Solutions
Finding your customer’s unique needs and adjusting according to them will make you a market leader. Online stores have already expanded the spectrum of flexibility for customers, why not join the same league? is an online portal which lets you shop anything starting from a needle to your cereals, so their customers can shop on the go.

6. Get Searched
Ninety percent people google everything before they go ahead to buy or avail any kind of services. If you have your presence online your chances of customer interactions are definitely enhanced – even you can sell goods like services., one of our customers offers rental equipment so whenever someone needs to rent a specialized machine he can start searching for that shop in an easy way and can find a variety of equipment – so there is no necessity to search more it’s like one place – large choice.

7. Networking
Build a network using online web portals such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo. These search engines play a crucial role in your marketing. No matter who is your target audiences, the more people visit your pages the more they like it and the more is your business.

8. Cost Efficiency
Let’s suppose you have a business which is not online, you will have to publicize and market your services which will cost you a fortune to print brochures, pamphlets, posters and hoardings. Does this job get easier when you sell the same services using online stores? Definitely yes. You can use as many as graphic collections to print your posters, wallpapers and pictures which will be a delight to customer’s eyes and improve your chances of getting maximum customers.

Keeping it simple is a principle quote for majority businesses. You can choose the simplest layout and showcase it in an appropriate way to your customers; this project your will to reach out to market and being a better seller online.

At ZenCommerce we have looked and worked into all these 9 hacks and can easily sway your way out. Building an online store is not a rocket science and we don’t want you to get involved in its complication. What we do is take your worries and concerns and in return give you an instant online store suitable to your needs. You can check out our packages as per your budget constraints and book yourself an online store to start your business. You can also try out our free trial which lets you avail the services for a period of 14 days without any risk and obligations.
Online store is the next advancement for your business. Maximize your customer base and product selling using these irresistible tools. Go ahead and give it a try!