Because there is nothing better than having a store online

Today we have everything sold online… everything we ask for is there available at our fingertips… here we have yet another online portal, that has come online with an aim to sell the most reliable and quality products at your footsteps… wait and see what Mr. Firoz owner of has to say about his Ecommerce industry experience…

Why an online store? “…because there is nothing better than having a store online” – said Mr. Firoz. Opening an online store as he found this the best way to reach out to all his prospective customers and this also provided him with a better reach for his target audience. “The fact still remains that today everyone wants to buy online from the comfort of their homes more effectively. – he explain.

Choice of products to sell online is the most important thing especially when you selling fashion garments for women. “In today’s Digital world I have noticed that women like purchasing fashion related products online. They find it more convenient buying these products through an online portal. So selling my chosen products online, more effectively was the best choice I made.”

Having a business is not simple and moreover having an Ecommerce business is equally tough, in fact even more tough. Then how would it have been for Mr. Firoz who was completely new to this sector! “In the beginning of this business there were some financial issues we faced as, selling these type of products online was not simple, but building an online store made this process simpler and the investment that went into this was worth it. Using the Zencommerce software for this made it easier for us to handle our website’s content better as this did not require anyone to know coding.”

It’s essential to have presence in both the sectors online as well as offline. We all know the benefits of having a physical store but what could possibly be the benefit of having an Ecommerce store? “Ecommerce helps us reach a wider sections of customers and also help us achieve more sales. As today everyone looking for products online so we should be there where our potential customers are. This would help us reach out to our customers in a better manner.” said Mr. Firoz

Having an Ecommerce presence is equally important for all the sectors and all the industries today… but the most important is to start your online business with a good provider, easy to use software to be sure that your business will be in good condition all the time. ‘Mr. Firoz’ decided to choose the Zencommerce software. “E Commerce makes the investment required to build an online store better and lets us build the website in a minimum time frame. On the other hand an open source has its own set of issues that requires a lot of investment, which also takes some time. Using the Zencommerce software for this has been good. In my opinion the only thing that can be improved and also included is a size chart facility which I would need for my store. But I believe that Zencommerce will add this in the nearest future.”

It was amazing talking to Mr. Firoz and it was a privilege to know his opinions and his experience using our software for his Ecommerce website requirement… Keep on inspiring yourself with our interview’s and don’t forget to like us on Facebook Zencommerce India Page for many more such stories…