checkout abandonment Zencommerce

Checkout abandonment! A problem faced by online stores today. There could be many reasons for this but what is the effective solution for it? Let’s find out…

1. Keep no hidden costs during the checkout process
Surveys have proven that the most prominent reason for cart abandonments are, hidden costs revealed to them during the checkout process, which was hidden during the purchase of the product. What can we do about it now? The only solution for this is that you should avoid hidden prices from customers during the purchase process.

2. Offer multiple payment options
Limited payment options provided can be another disadvantage for the store owner. Limited payment options provided to the customer would increase the checkout abandonment problem for your sales. As this only provokes the customers to leave the purchase process incomplete. So what’s the solution? Provide your customers with multiple payment options like net banking, cash on delivery, bank transfer, etc or you may lose a loyal customer, think about it!!

3. Exclusive deals and amazing offers
Who does not like discounts on their favorite products… The best way to encourage customers to make that complete purchase, is by offering them with deals and offer they can’t ignore, for eg: offering them something free with their purchase or a coupon they can redeem during their next purchase. So offer, offer! Till they purchase 😉

4. Keep no registrations
When you ask your customers to create their login ID’s to make that purchase they tend to leave the store without buying anything. So avoid including registration step during your customer’s purchase. Instead offer them the option to purchase as a guest, and this would surely encourage them to make that next purchase from your store…

5. Have a mobile friendly website
Maximum of our customers use mobile as a medium to make purchases online. So it’s quintessential to have a website that is mobile friendly, this would encourage the customer to stay and not leave the store because your website cannot be operated through a mobile phone.

6. Keep them informed about the running promotion
Offer them what they need and offer them that at a discounted price. This will help you increase the sales of your products and your customers would be encouraged to buy them from you. All you need to do is keep reminding them about your promotions…

These were few simple solutions for the checkout abandonment problem… So let’s try these and see how effective was it for your sales. Let’s get started!