Social media promotion Zencommerce India

Social media is the most popular media channel in today’s online promotion. So it’s quintessential to build your presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Today 90% of our audience is a part of social media, so to reach your clients effectively having a social media presence would help you tremendously. Today the big players of the ecommerce sector still build their social media presence to attract effective customers for their brands (e.g. Amazon or Flipkart get best results through social media promotion). Let’s have a look at some techniques to grow YOUR ecommerce startup in the social media world.

1. Appropriate channels for you social media presence
It’s important to know which social media channel today would give you the best results with your promotional strategies. E.g: if you play into the garment industry and your target customers are youngsters, it’s essential for you to be where your customers are. You need to know which social media channel would help you the most. It’s believed that the most popular social media channels used today by the garment industry players are: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.


2. Know when to post on social media platforms
Your channel is chosen, you know where you have to promote your products… That should be enough, isn’t it? But you’re right, that’s not all. It’s important to know when and how many times you should post on your chosen social media platforms. According to Jon Loomer, the Facebook expert, “you should look at the composition of your fan base and experiment. Always experiment!”. That’s an amazing advice! With experimentation you would be able to understand when you can have the best reach with your posts.

3. Be consistent and regular
Why do you need to be consistent and regular? Let’s say you have liked a page but there have been no updates on the page since a week, will you really remember having liked a page with that name? Think about it! You would not, right?! As the concept “out of sight is out of mind” is true, you need to keep posting on your fan page regularly and to keep your brand in the minds of your target audience and for the best expected results for your promotion.

4. Sharing of product videos and images on social media
Social media is a strong medium to promote your brand. Sharing of product videos and pictures for the purpose of promotion is the best way to engage with your clients. When you share your product link or image or just a promotional video on your fan page or account, at least 500 fans would definitely engage with your post and your brand. Think about that.

5. Be aware about the updates in social media services
Social media channels keep on updating their services and it’s essential to know to keep up with the new trends and updates. E.g: Facebook recently bought the most stunning update of “reaction” emojis, the best way to express yourself on Facebook. But how can this help your businesses? This would let us know better what are the real reactions our audiences have towards our posts. So be aware and keep path with the new updates on social media for the results you expected 😉

So these were few techniques that would help you build your ecommerce presence on social media effectively. Using these techniques the results for your brand would surely be great.