Sell products online_Zencommerce

“E-commerce” is the trending term today. We want to sell online… more and more. But why?

Online purchasing is simple and during this time of demonetization, going digital is the best solution. It gives you an opportunity to sell anything online – from fashion accessories to clothes to electronic items or industrial products… Anything under the sky. But what makes the big players sell online so effectively? Let’s find out…

1. Your own page
Having a separate page with complete information about the product is important. Today every customer wants to read complete details about the product before they make the purchase, and when we lack the access to that information for our clients we tend to lose them. So having an “own product page” is essential and the first secret to selling products online.

2. Unique description
Describe a product. Every product requires its own description. A description that defines your product or service in a unique manner for the customers. Unique is important, and different is being unique. So include that different description for your products and your customers 😉

3. Customer reviews
When I purchase online, I want to know what the previous user had to say about the product. A good review motivates me to buy, a bad review discourages, but “no reviews” provoke me not to purchase. So reviews by customers about your service or your products is important. A benefit to hold on to that prospective client.

4. One page checkout system
Nowadays, an easy check out process is what customers demand for. A long process leads to shopping cart abandonment. So keep it short and simple.

5. Make sure your website is fast
15 sec… 20 sec… 30 sec… How long would you like to wait for webpage to load? Personally I would not wait so long and you lose one lead! We need to be fast… the faster the website loads the more your customer is attracted to your online store and is most likely to make that first purchase. So let it load fast!

6. Google Adwords
Google Adwords are used by many to promote their website today. Many ways to do it! But what could be the most effective? Options are the keys! Use 5, 10 or even 50 options for your ads. This would help you know which one is the most lead generating… Keep your options going and let those leads grow!!

It’s time to try and apply! Sell your products online more effectively and let’s grow. Go digital!