Email marketing Zencommerce

“Email is the most popular function on smartphone, so let’s call it a smartmailer” – Jordie van Rijn.

Email is the most effective tool to keep in touch with your customers. If we put the importance of email marketing in terms of statistical data, then there are more than 100 billion emails sent in around the world and amongst them 99 of them are business emails. But let’s just put this simply: each of us have an email ID and receive so many mails that we read and get inspired with. But what makes email marketing this effective? Let me tell you what is the importance of email marketing and what makes it so effective as a medium to stay connected with your customers…

1. Personal and customised
What encourages you to open an e-mail? The mention of your name and a mail related to your interest. So that’s the first importance of email marketing. Giving your mail the personal touch is important and works as a benefit for your company. And customizing the mail with regard to your customers interest, is the best way to keep your customers interest in your brand alive. So always remember to personalize your emails and customize them according to your customers interest.

2. Action oriented
Every email sent to you as a customer or sent by you as the company is action oriented. Every mail sent has an information and an action that can be performed. For eg. a e-mail sent by flipkart to you, has an information about their offers or deals coming up, with an action to pay a visit to their site. So it’s important to have a mail that is action oriented to get that reply you are expecting.

3. Results are measurable
When you run an ad campaign, you want to know the reaction of your target audience, but have you thought about how can you measure the results? Yes this is another benefit of email marketing. It makes it easy for you to measure the results of your email. With email marketing tools like mailchimp, reachmail, you can track how your mail is performing. now Let’s try!

4. Popular function on your smartphone
Email is a tool that can have an access from anywhere. We all access our emails from our smartphones which is the best part of this marketing tool. So this tools helps us send smart mailers from our smartphones at anytime and from anywhere.

5. Wide reach
Emails can be sent to anyone and anywhere. A tool which has a wide reach. Companies who deal with international clients, email marketing is the best way to reach to them personally targeting them effectively with a customised mail sent to them with regard to their interest.

This marketing tool has been ignored lately and been replaced with some new and different ways to promote your business online but it’s best not to underrate this marketing solution. It’s time for you to give it a try. Start using some simple tools now and find out how effective is this marketing tool and give that benefit to your business. Let’s get the list out of your customers who are waiting to hear from you and give share with them some interesting contents and build your client base strongly 🙂