Erica Nicole said: “The glass ceiling that once limited a woman’s career path has paved a new road towards business ownership, where women can utilize their sharp business acumen while building strong family ties”. So here are few things that women should keep in mind while becoming an entrepreneur.

For the past few years women’s status in India has taken a drastic change. Today women are given the equality they deserve. Today women entrepreneurs are ruling the business world as well. With the increase in the use of internet today, has opened up a plethora of opportunities for women in the business world.

Women are aggressive, focused and set high standards for themselves in business. But they have to overcome many hurdles in their entrepreneurial journey, challenges that would become a barrier in their path of success. Challenges like the fear to take risks in business, the struggle to overcome cultural barriers imposed on them by the society. But today women are confident and along with all these hurdles they have the strength to run a business successfully. According to scientists women have the skill to multi task and can handle diverse roles and responsibilities of being a daughter, a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur.

Here are few things women should keep in mind while becoming an entrepreneur:

1. Be the master
Be your own master of success. Women tend to credit others for their success then glorify her own efforts. That’s why it’s necessary to give yourself the appreciation you deserve for the efforts and time you invested in your work.

2. The power of focus
It’s important to completely focus your mind and energies to one business venture idea your most passionate about. As an entrepreneur you will have to face challenges day to day which would divert your focus but you need to be strong and divert all your efforts and energy towards building your business.

3. A powerful team
It’s essential to have a focused and powerful team under you, who would work efficiently and help you to reach the goals aimed for.

4. Being fearless about taking risks
Every business venture has its own risks, and every entrepreneur who want to run a successful business has to take risks. As women we tend to fear taking risks as a nature but when you want to run a business venture you are required to take risks so you have to be fearless and ready to take that risk.

5. Be Resilient
You have to be resilient, have a thick skin to avoid getting affected by things easily. There would be many situations that would set you back and you will find it difficult to deal this resilient nature but will help you overcome your problems and walk back to success.

Being an entrepreneur is not simple and when its a women it’s even more difficult. But these few tips would help you grow better in this business environment. Let me share few names who have built their strong presence in this industry and definitely succeeded:
Vidhi Anand – fashion designer, owner of vidhianand.com
Bhavana Shah – entrepreneur, owner of bzireperfumes.style
Tarannum – entrepreneur, owner of azoresworld.com
Rupam Saha – entrepreneur, owner of boipagal.com