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Fashion… something that we all follow. Fashion can be anything, but clothes define fashion in a perfect way. The need to look different, to wear clothes that’s just not ordinary, to wear a dress that’s breathtaking and gorgeous… This is what Vidhi Anand creates.

Vidhi Anand, a designer who creates fashion. Giving a new life, a new look to this word and to this industry. Interviewing Ms. Vidhi Anand was amazing. Amazing was to know a lot more about her and how she defines her journey in this ever changing world of ecommerce. But before we begin with her story let me tell you a little about how she sculpted her own brand image – The Vidhi Anand. She is a very well-known designer of today’s fashion industry. Her designs are elegant, they are ready to wear as well as tailored clothing which is inspired by diligent vintage and asian influencers.
Every individual or company wants to build their brand name very strong that too when it comes to ecommerce industry. This is what Ms. Vidhi had to say when we asked her about the opinion on having an ecommerce presence: “In my opinion it’s very important to build your ecommerce presence, at this present stage where internet and social media are the only platforms that make you reach out to a larger audience worldwide”.

Now let’s see what Ms. Vidhi has to say about her process and journey of creating this kind of business, the investment she had to make and how it all started… “In the beginning of my business it was very difficult. There was a lot of pressure in terms of growing and in terms of investment and marketing. But with time, it all became better ‘n’ better. In the beginning our construction process used to take a lot of time as our work was outsourced. Work such as embroidery and dyeing, fortunately now we do most of it at our workshop.”

When we asked Ms. Vidhi what made her choose clothes as a product to sell online she said: “Fashion represents me, this is who I am”. Never thought a person’s product choice would be her own definition something that represents her, but it’s true, fashion does define Ms. Vidhi. And I say this because today every business faces ups ‘n’ downs during the initial stage and lot of us surely fear to face them, but this is how Ms. Vidhi took her problems and this was what she had to say, “I think patience and hard work sorts everything out with time”. And this simple thought would definitely inspire you to take that step forward. But she still says “We are working on improving so, there’s a long way to go” and that’s just the right way! Only her love for fashion made her overcome all her problems with positivity and that’s why I completely agreed that “Fashion does represent Ms. Vidhi”.

Vidhi Anand Zencommerce

OK, but what Ms. Vidhi had to say about using a SaaS based model for her store and how convenient it was using an ecommerce software to get her brand online? “I think whether you get orders online or not, having your own eCommerce platform definitely helps you to get noticed by your customers who are far from your reach. It connects you to a larger audience and it definitely helps you bring more business. Using an eCommerce software for this is very Convenient and reasonable as well, the costing at the beginning of your business goes way beyond your budget but a readymade platform to build ‘n’ manage online store activities is the best option to choose at the beginning.”

“Also, the experience using the Zencommerce software has been good. Now people who hear about me can always google my name and easily look up to my website to see my work.”

Now it’s your turn.