“These products brings you happiness, peace, color & style” – so who wouldn’t want to buy it, huh? Specially in India.

India is a land of diversity in the region, caste, language, flora, fauna, religion, state, culture and so on – wrote at the its owners. And they’re trying to give people as much as they can from the beauty and wealth of their country. That’s why they’re selling the decorative arts, original and artistic bags, hand painted images and much more.
“Today we have generation of industrialization, globalization, techniques, fast signals, mobiles, mall culture and most important – the lack of time. Demands of computer, software, IT sections increasing day by day, but the Indian heritage of craft continues to hold its place in Indian and foreign market. (…) At Zencommerce we’re trying and working hard to make your life beautiful and to fill the gap between rural and urban areas with the help of craft through online medium”- you can read this on the blog maintained in the store.

Both – the store and the blog (you need to read this: „How handicraft can beautify your home” and „Child development though creating craft”) – working on the Zencommerce platform which providing in India the best and very competitive software for web shops and online sales. Thanks to this solution opening your own online store takes only a few minutes and you do not need any specialist IT knowledge – you can just focus on your idea and start selling, as the creative people of did.
“ comes as one of the finest product I have ever seen after long, long time. Perfect for me and people who is looking for a ready to go online ecommerce platform at very affordable price. Their support is always as quick as fire. Bravo – if I need to summaries in a single word. Thank you,” – said Ashish Gupta, founder of

His idea to start selling online pops up… on holidays. “Once me and my wife went for holiday at religious nearest place where handmade fabric/art are sold and they looks beautiful and kind of antique piece for us… And when we dig down more on how they made it and how they sell it, we found there is a huge price variance for the same piece of products at different shops and artisans. Then we thought: let’s help people to get horizontal flat rate for all the antique piece lover at one place.”
So, first was a good idea. Then, they took job in their hands. “Unfortunately, we are not good at IT & webshop work so we thought: let’s focus on our core skills rather than investing time on IT/support & development. So at the beginning we hired IT team from Mumbai to work for us and solve all our IT related problems. Thanks to that we can focus on our own core area of work and thinking about what & how we can improve our store quality.”

Cratly com Zencommerce

Launching an online store is always a challenge for a person without ecommerce experience. But example of Ashish’s online store shows that every obstacle can be overcome. Especially when strongly you believe in what you’re doing. “At the beginning our first biggest problem was that identify the kind of product that can go with our product catalog and flavored catalog. And once we finalized the product the next challenge was to find their right supply chain” – he said. “The most important thing that we perceive is to putting ourself into customer shoes and understand why customer want to buy something from our shop, not from other online store. What we offer differently than others, how much joy and happiness we can give to people and why we are better than other competitors – that is the other question.”

Yeah, that’s the good way of thinking. But how do they deal with changing consumer patterns? “We constantly taking customer feedback, his reviews, suggestions, seminars and presentation via different methods – like meeting, emailing, talking & collate – and all that data comes up with new type of experience” – Ashish continues. And when we’re asking him how does deal with the competition and what is his strength, he said: “Competition is always good thing, we never feared of competition, instead we take it as a challenge and opportunity to grow ourselves. Competition let us know what area we need to work on more and what area we can all pause for a while. The biggest strength for me is learn how to listen our critics. It gives all new perspective of thoughts from consumer angle.”

Exactly. With an open mind and willingness to learn, your online store certainly faster turn your business ideas into success. And then, not only your customers will be happy.